Heat trace design with material list

Here you can do trace heating design for pipelines with selfregulating heating tapes


The calculation of heat losses is done with the following equation::
Qv= (2 * pi * lambda * (Th - Tmin)) / (ln * (D/d))
Qv         Heat loss(W/m)
lambda Thermal conductivity (W/mK)
Th         Maintain temperature (°C)
Tmin     Minimum ambient temperature (worst case) (°C)
ln          natural logarithm
D          pipe diameter including insulation thickness (mm)
            (pipe diameter + 2 x insulation thickness)
d          Outer pipe diameter without insulation(mm)

Explanantio  of the data fields

- please read carefully -

Attention: Not all wrong entries will be corrected automatically
For maintain temperature >120°C contact Quintex , please

Please fill out the entry form as completely as possible.. Fields, which are underlined and shown with  an
*  are mandatory for  the calculation (s. formula).
Use checkboxes for the existing entries. The values assigned to the entries will be shown at the related field .This applies to pipes (outer diameter, extra length for valves, supports etc ) and for insulation (thermal conductivity).
Hint: for a meaningful thickness of the insulation: the thickness of the insulation should be approx. the nominal pipe diameter. (eg: DN 50 -> 50mm insulation). Please take care for the thermal resistance of the insulation material. When you have completed your entries, start the design by the appropriate button. A new window will open with the output data (the input data will be repeated), which are shown on a printer friendly page. If all the data correctly, you can print out the design sheet and use it as a documentation of your heating circuit If you have to change your input data just go back to the input window in your browser(should be still open). You can close the output window with a button.

Data input pipe

Name of heating circuit

Name of pipe

Pipe length[m]

Pipe diameter(DN)

outer pipe diameter*

Insulation materiall

Thermal conduct.(W/mK)*

Insulation thickn*

Qty of valves

Qty. of pumps

Qty of flanges/supports

Add. length[m]

Data input temperatures

Maintain temp. (<120°C)*

Minimum ambient temp.(°C)*

Max. operation pipe temp.(°C)

Max. permissible pipe temp.(°C)

Temperature class

Max. ambeint temp.(°C)

Data input miscellaneous


Outer sheath

Layers (1-fold, 2-fold etc.))

Feeding points

Safety margin[%]

Printing language

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