Local control stations / Signalling


General information

The Ex approved signal tower is equipped with latest technology, bright and maintenance free LED-technique.Applications are status indication, fault indication, level indication, access authorisation and traffic lights. There are 2 different sizes of enclosures available. One for up to 4 (430mm) and the other for 5 (470mm) signal lamps. The signal towers are delivered with cable gland or ready installed and connected line bushing. Advantage of the line bushing is a pre-wired and ready-for-connection unit. There are up to 2 cable glands or line bushings possible. So you can easily connect more signal towers in line.
The meaning of the colors can vary from one application to the next. However, generally, the red, green and amber lights adhere to a standard meaning. The blue and white lights are used with more flexibility. Below you will find the typical meanings for each of the five colors.
Green Status Light - Everything is running well. The machine or process is under control and no action is necessary.
Yellow Status Light - Warning signal. The machine or process may still be running. But trouble is on the horizon. The yellow light is a warning that there is a problem that should be solved quickly before the problem becomes critical and the process will be stopped.
Red Status Light - The machine or process has been halted. This could be because of a quality problem or a mechanical issue.  This is a call for help and a problem will need to be solved before the process restart.
White Status Light - The white signal light is often used to signify that a production run has been completed or there may be a shift change. This is an indication that a process has stopped for a legitimate reason.
Blue Status Light - The blue status light often means that a potential quality problem has been detected. The problem may not have fully developed to the point that the red light needs to be activated. But the problem needs to be solved quickly before it escalates.

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